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4 Fun Fall Leaf Crafts

Ready or not, fall is here! The weather may not be spot on, but September is undeniably the beginning of the fall season! Kids are back in school, pumpkin spice everything is making it’s annual debut, and the leaves are changing colors and dropping from the trees. I love season changes! I’m a super festive person. Any reason to celebrate, am I right?!

If you’re a mom of little kids like me, now is the perfect time to start the fall art projects. My daughter is 2.5 and learning about season changes, learning (& getting so good at) knowing her colors, and is extremely passionate about figuring out things for herself (“me do it!”). These activities are educational and very fun… and keep your little one busy!

1) Leaf Color Match Search & Find

First up, start with this project! It’s time to collect leaves for your craft projects, and this turns it into a fun game! Talk about how leaves change colors. Depending on how old your child is you can talk about photosynthesis. Bonus if you know the type of leaves you find! We kept our game pretty basic with just being excited over finding pretty leaves and talking about the colors.

After this project I put all our leaves in between pages of a book to press them flat. I highly recommend this step if you want your next projects to last more than a day. If you use the leaves same day, they will end up drying and curling. It only takes about 2 days for the leaves to be pressed and ready to use!

2) Autumn Leaf Wreaths

For this project I cut out the inside of a paper plate. I happened to have paper plates from a different craft project, but you could use cardboard or paper as well. Apply glue liberally and have fun! Cute fall decor to have around for the next few months!

3) Leaf People

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but cute and fun! My daughter got a kick out of watching me draw these little characters. Bonus round if you’re a supermom, cut them out and laminate so your kids can play with them!

4) Leaf Prints

This one ended up being trickier than anticipated! It was a little more advanced than my 2.5 year old had patience for! That’s ok, it was still educational and we can try again a different day! Make sure to apply paint liberally to the leaves so they leave a good print mark.

Bonus fun: my daughter loved squirting glue all over a piece of paper and then adding leaves where she wanted. Sometimes the most fun projects are unstructured! Be creative and let your kids get messy! They’re only little once!

Let me know if you try any of these projects with your kids! Any other fun art projects you like to do in the fall? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below!

Kids Art + Crafts

Watercolor Resistance

This Watercolor Resistance art project is so fun and easy to do! I taught this class back when I was working with adults with intellectual disabilities. It’s exciting to draw out a hidden image that gets revealed when the watercolor paint is applied!

I applied a tape border around everyone’s page to help it stay in place as the students painted. I also like the crisp, clean way a white border turns out! Painters tape or masking tape works best, but if you’re using a thin piece of paper it could rip when removed. If you’re using thin paper, “dull” the tape by sticking it to your clothes a few times before adhering. Next, draw any image or wording you desire. Then add watercolors! It’s that simple!


Kids Art + Crafts

Shaving Cream Pie

Shaving Cream Pies, coming right up! This project is messy but fun for all ages. My two and a half year old giggled with delight through the whole thing! I even got in on the action! This is an exciting sensory project- squishing the gooey shaving cream between your fingers, mixing the colors together, the smell of the shaving cream- so much fun! Even better, all of these items were purchased at the Dollar Store, except the food coloring (which was only a few dollars at the local grocery store). We even have supplies left over to do this another time.

What you’ll need:

  • Shaving cream (dollar store can made 2-3 plates worth)
  • Paper plates
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter- if you want to be fabulous!
  • We did this project in our art room which is right next to a sink and tub. It would also work well outdoors and then spray off with the hose! Next time I’m going to buy a fruity smelling shaving cream, or unscented, because the manly pine smell got overwhelming for me (just FYI if you’re sensitive to smells).
  • ENJOY! Leave a comment below if you try this project!