Kids Art + Crafts

Watercolor Resistance

This Watercolor Resistance art project is so fun and easy to do! I taught this class back when I was working with adults with intellectual disabilities. It’s exciting to draw out a hidden image that gets revealed when the watercolor paint is applied!

I applied a tape border around everyone’s page to help it stay in place as the students painted. I also like the crisp, clean way a white border turns out! Painters tape or masking tape works best, but if you’re using a thin piece of paper it could rip when removed. If you’re using thin paper, “dull” the tape by sticking it to your clothes a few times before adhering. Next, draw any image or wording you desire. Then add watercolors! It’s that simple!



Mermaid Crown

Give me a hot glue gun! I dare ya!

My baby turns 2.5 tomorrow! I made this Mermaid Crown for her 2nd birthday “fishy” themed party. I clearly go a little overboard when given a hot glue gun and sparkley things! Check out what I did about 5 years ago:

Absolute craziness! That’s right, that’s my iPhone completely cracked out. I was inspired by going to Vegas, I needed more bedazzle! I literally had to break my phone out of this!

Good times.

What shall I hot glue gun next?!

Kids Art + Crafts

Shaving Cream Pie

Shaving Cream Pies, coming right up! This project is messy but fun for all ages. My two and a half year old giggled with delight through the whole thing! I even got in on the action! This is an exciting sensory project- squishing the gooey shaving cream between your fingers, mixing the colors together, the smell of the shaving cream- so much fun! Even better, all of these items were purchased at the Dollar Store, except the food coloring (which was only a few dollars at the local grocery store). We even have supplies left over to do this another time.

What you’ll need:

  • Shaving cream (dollar store can made 2-3 plates worth)
  • Paper plates
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter- if you want to be fabulous!
  • We did this project in our art room which is right next to a sink and tub. It would also work well outdoors and then spray off with the hose! Next time I’m going to buy a fruity smelling shaving cream, or unscented, because the manly pine smell got overwhelming for me (just FYI if you’re sensitive to smells).
  • ENJOY! Leave a comment below if you try this project!